Background Story to my image "Peace"

April 11th, 2019

They were still in their pyjamas, playing together, making happy kids' noises. I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes in the kitchen. Suddenly I noticed how quiet it had become. As a mom of young toddlers, sudden silence in the home is usually suspicious. So I poked my head into the play area - fully expecting mischief in progress. Instead, I found my kids sitting quietly in a chair together, reading a book. I quickly grabbed my camera - which I often keep at hand to capture fleeting, precious moments like these.

children sit on a green chair reading a book

Vienna had her little brother on her lap, and they were almost entirely covered up by this big picture book.

a big sister holds her little brother while reading a book

It was one of those moments that made my heart melt.

Then I pulled the chair into better light, and handed my children a smaller book. I put a light (my cell phone case) in their lap to make it seem like a magical story unfolded from the book and they were a part of it.

two young children sit on a chair and read a book together

This is what it looked like prior to post processing.

Lastly, I heavily darkened up the image in post processing to make it more dreamy, and magical, and to put the focus on their little faces. I also used a brush in Photoshop to add in some sparkly stars.

two young children sit on a chair and read a book together

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