My little girl is all grown up

September 05th, 2018

I made the mistake of blinking. (Don't blink!!) It seems like yesterday that I held this sweet precious tiny baby in my arms and today she's off to her first day of school!! Where have the last four years gone?! I am writing this with a smile in one eye and a tear in another. I will miss her. So. Friggin'. Much!! At the same time, I am excited for her to learn new things and to make new friends.

To make the transition easier, I made a special little gift for V.

a box sits a hardwood floor...So this morning she got to open a box

a partially opened box sits on a table with a folded note laying on top of itwith a handwritten note

two pink bracelets lay on top of a handwritten noteThe box contained two bracelets, a small one for her - and the same one a bit bigger for myself.

two bracelets lay in an opened boxWhenever she misses me, she can just look at this little bracelet and know that her Mommy loves her with all of her heart.

I saw the idea for matching mommy-and-me bracelets a few weeks ago (on as I was browsing the inter web for ideas to make the first day of school memorable. I am a memory preserver after all. I immediately started looking for a mommy-and-me bracelet online. But then decided I wanted something unique to my girl and myself.

two pink bracelets lay in an opened boxAfter a couple of trips to Michael's a vision slowly took shape and this is the bracelet I came up with.

The idea is that for each year of school she can have one new pendant/charm (whatever you call this dangling thingy in English - "Anhänger" for all my German friends). We'll see how far we get with this bracelet :)

Anyone else sending their little one off to school for the first time ever this week?

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