The Annual Shoot & Share Photo Contest

February 01st, 2019

Have you heard of "Shoot and Share"? It is an annual photography contest with hundreds of thousands of images from thousands of photographers world-wide.
What makes this contest special is that anyone can submit images and that the entries are displayed anonymously so that the focus is on the photos, not on the popularity of the photographer. This is my second year entering! (You can see the 50 photos I entered at the top of this page!) 
A HUGE thank you to all of my amazing clients who allowed me to enter their images into this contest. It was VERY hard to narrow a year's worth of images down to only 50.
Now to the really important stuff, the reason why I put this blog post together: You can be involved to. How? By voting. 

When and how can you vote? 

It's easy. Voting will last until February 22. The huge volume of photos will be narrowed down in 12 elimination rounds. You do not need to sign up for anything. Simply go to their website and vote. The images are displayed at random, in groups of four. (They are supposed to be family friendly.) Voting is like playing a game, and it can be quite addictive. Who knows, maybe YOUR image will show up for you!!
You can also favourite ("heart") images that you love if you login via Facebook. Receiving a heart lets the photographer know that they are still in the game. We don't know until March how each photo did in the contest. Chances are that you won't see any of the images that I entered, but if you do, let me know!! Now please head on over to and cast your votes!!
You made it this far, so here are some of my favourites that I entered into the contest this year:

happy couple in the sunlight

boy running from a dinosaur and girl with a net to save him

black and white photo of a man holding his wife's hands

father and mother hold their child in the sunlight on a fall day

a little girl playing with sidewalk chalk

two young children playing with leaves in autumn

black and white picture of girl looking out the window holding her doll

a boy's hair is wild as he experiences the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner

a boy sites in a clothes basket

boy and girl in snowsuits walk down a path

maternity photo of wife and husband in the forest with snow

maternity photo in the snowy forest

maternity photo, picture of hands holding baby

black and white photo of white-haired man with hands in his pockets

red haired woman looking at a butterfly

teenage girl in prom dress on a bridge

teenage girl in prom dress sitting on a bench

toddler boy in winter coat holds his stuffed bunny with snow on the street

a toddler boy sits with his stuffed animals in a bay window looking at snow

black and white photo of a toddler holding his stuffed bunny wild looking outside of a bay window

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