Thanksgiving 2018

October 08th, 2018

Note to self:
  1. Follow this recipe:
  2. The stuffing goes in at the back, not the front
  3. The turkey goes on the roast breast up. Thank you google.

Thankfully we figured all of that out before it was too late.

young man stuffing turkey for thanksgivingIn this image you can see that the turkey initially was the wrong side up, haha.

Now before you laugh at me for not knowing how to properly handle a turkey, this is only our second time making a big bird. I grew up in Germany and there's no such holiday involving eating a full sized turkey. Hence my lack of knowledge. But you live to learn and this turkey ended up being very tasty.

a turkey being buttered and stuffed by a handMy wonderful husband volunteered to do all the "dirty" work.

collage of four images showing spices, carrots, a bowl with mixed spices and a woman seasoning a turkeyIt was my job to mix the spices...

woman seasoning a turkey in a kitchen...and to season the turkey.

man holding a turkey on a turkey rackMy handsome man - he's quite the cook.

We got our pretty bird fresh from Farmboy ("Ma-boy" as Finn lovingly calls the store. He also believes he is the boy on their logo. It's so cute!!). And I couldn't help but wonder if this turkey had lived a good life? So I did some digging and found out that our turkey comes from Hayters Farm in Ontario, who pride themselves in raising their turkeys with care and in a humane way. So our bird was born free, and "free to roam in spacious surroundings". Yay!!

baked turkey on a turkey rackWhat our turkey looked like after spending some quality time with the oven...

thanksgiving plate filled with turkey, carrots, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce...and after it was on our plates.

I wanted to put on a table cloth for the occasion but in the end we decided to keep it real simple. One day I will have a beautifully decorated, very photogenic Thanksgiving table - the kind that makes my photographer's heart sing. But for now I will focus on what's the most important: Quality time with the ones I love.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

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