Introducing our Third Baby - Henrik

March 15th, 2020

Hello, hello, hello!!

I haven't blogged in forever. So, I have a little catching up to do. There are many sessions that I still plan on sharing with you. But the most important change that happened in our lives since my last blog post is that our baby is here, and he is not so little any more! His name is Henrik. And he is a blessing.

image of svenja and aaron in the hospital for the birthIn the hospital being prepped for the birth

His birth was the smoothest of all three (I might share more about that experience in a different blog post.) I even got birth pictures!! Yay!! (Big thank you to Kathleen, the midwife student at Talbot Creek Midwives, for capturing these precious moments for us!!) For that I will be forever grateful. I credit the wonderful birth experience to Meagan, my fantastic midwife from TC, who took me by the hand and walked me through all that was going to happen. And to all my friends and family who prayed for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With Henrik, we didn't find out the gender beforehand. We already had one of each, so we were prepared either way. And we wanted to know what if was like to find out at birth. I was so surprised (in the best possible way) that we got a boy.

image of brand new baby henrikMy brand new fresh baby

I was convinced, up until the delivery, that we'd be bringing home a little baby girl. My husband on the other hand, felt the baby kick in my womb once and with conviction declared "Honey, this is a boy!" :)

We couldn't be more happy about this little guy. He's wonderful, full of smiles and sweet coos, and he's starting to talk. He's also a great snuggler! The 9 months that he has been in our lives have just flown by. In the last week he changed from looking baby-ish to looking more like a little toddler.

Here are some more photos of him:

henrik at 3 months oldHi world ~3 months old

all 5 websters in one pictureOur summer family photo as a family of five

all webster kids in yellowSiblings - All in yellow and they have so much love for each other

henrik and svenja togetherNine months out

svenja-signature image

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