Winter Fun

February 25th, 2019

When it snows, I get excited. When we get a lot of snow, my excitement grows exponentially. It may have to do with the fact that one of my favourite winter memories is being snowed in, curling up inside with freshly made chocolate chip cookies, good company, and watching old Christmas movies on TV. Our kids love the white fluff, too, and want to play in it as much as possible. So we took them ... sledding! They got sleds for Christmas and their little faces lit up in anticipation for using them.

mother prepares her two children for sledding down a hillmother prepares her two children for sledding down a hillV and Finn raced each other

a grown man acts like a child and goes sledding on a child's sleighThe husband had fun

Unfortunately, I couldn't go sledding because I am pregnant. So my idea of fun during this outing was to take photos (and then hand the husband the camera, because my goal is to be in more photos this year. I want my kids to remember what their mommy looked like when they were small.)

a young girl goes head-first on a sled down a hill, startling her fatherMy fearless little daredevil. I don't know what I love more about this photo, the sheer disbelief in Aaron's face, or the pure joy on Vienna's...

When one is a daredevil, of course, the other one has to be a daredevil, too.

Well, we're hoping for lots more snow so that we can continue to go sledding. Or build a snowman and a snow fort!

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